As the design of roof boiler rooms is a complex operation, it must be implemented only by professional specialists who are scrupulous about their work. Heating system is a heart of the whole house. Own heating system is being actively developed, therefore there are many types of its design. So, there is a new type of equipment location – gas boiler house on the roof. Roof boiler room can have a capacity of 0,1-3 MW. It is worth noting that such type of installation is more popular, as it is very convenient and effective.

Design of roof boiler houses

“Kondisioner Info” Company offers a full range of services of design, calculation and installation of boiler house on the roof. We will carry out the calculation of roof boiler house in accordance with the features of the roof of your object and design of roof boiler room in Tashkent and Tashkent region. It is also necessary to take into account the technical features of the house for correct installation of the equipment.

We notice that roof gas boiler house needs not only a professional installation but also the basis preparation for its installation.

Boiler house is usually installed on the roof of elite buildings in the center of the city. Buildings under construction are not always can be provided with heat from the city’s heating network. That’s why the most perfect option is the roof boiler room.

Roof boiler room allows to increase the energy efficiency of the whole hot supply system due to heat pipeline absence. In addition, general expense for boiler house construction are reduced. Installation of boiler room on the roof is not complex operation because of light construction of the equipment with copper pipes and aluminum heat exchangers.

Installation and design of roof boiler houses are not allowed:

  • Adjacent to living quarters;
  • On the roof of school and preschool institutions;
  • In health resorts and rest houses
  • In the buildings of medical institutions
  • In administrative and household buildings with more than 50 people
  • On the roof of productive buildings and warehouses of “A” and “B” categories

If the gas will be used instead of fuel in built-in boiler house, it is necessary to provide the supply of natural gas with the pressure up to 5kPa. It is also worth noting that The design for production buildings must be carried out in accordance with construction rules and regulations 2. 04.08. At the same time, open sections of the gas pipeline must be laid through the wall of the building along a wall with a width of at least 1,5m.

“Kondisioenr Info” Company will carry out a full range of services of built-in boiler houses installation (from the design to the further preventive maintenance).

If you need a qualitative design of built-in boiler house, contact “Kondisioner Info” Company.

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